Jewels and Jackboots, by John Nettles, Hitler's British Channel Islands
Jewels and Jackboots
Hitler's British Channel Islands

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Jewels and Jackboots
Hitler's British Channel Islands

The new book by John Nettles

The Channel Islands were the only British soil to be occupied in the war, the Islanders the only British citizens to fall under German rule. How the Islanders reacted to the invaders has recently been the subject of heated argument and impassioned debate. In this fascinating book, television personality and history graduate John Nettles fulfils a personal ambition to find and tell the truth about those extraordinary and controversial years. Find out more about the book →

The German Occupation of the Channel Islands 1940-1945

Born of a series of documentary films about the German Occupation of the Channel Islands from 1940 to 1945 entitled The Channel Islands at War, the story told in Jewels and Jackboots covers the time from bombing raids on St Helier and St Peter Port in June 1940 through to the Liberation on 9th May 1945. Every respected authority was consulted to help establish the truth of the account that appears in this book, but the narrative is told largely through the words of those who actually endured those years.

In addition to revealing some relatively unknown aspects of the Occupation, the book is illustrated with a collection of extraodinary photographs of the occupation, including the heroes of the time and the German occupiers.

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